Upgrade Training

The Upgrade Training will last approx 21 days and will comprise of the following:
  • Ground School (7 days)
  • Cockpit Procedural Training (4 hours)
  • Simulator Training (10 hours)
  • Flight Training (2 hours)
  • Checkride (1 hour)
Ground School The 7 day Upgrade Ground School will cover the following subjects:
  • Refresher on company documents and regulations
  • Refresher on C208 systems
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Mountain flying
  • Aviation Security (AvSec)
  • Emergency training
Cockpit Procedural Training The Cockpit Procedural Training, or CPT, is designed to help you practice cockpit procedures. Sitting inside a full scale model of the C208 cockpit, you will practice flows and checklists for both the C208 Legacy and G1000. Simulator Training The Simulator Training will be conducted in the C208 Legacy Simulator. It will consist of 4 lessons, 10 hours total.
  1. Introduction to VFR line flying – Revise Simplified Legacy Flows in CPT in advance.
  2. Basic IFR – Revise IFR procedures in advance.
  3. Emergency and abnormal procedures – Revise memory items in advance.
  4. Final exam (PPC) – Plan IFR navigation in advance. It must be a route which you haven’t flown before. Approach plates are on table in simulator room.
During the Simulator Training, you will be paired with either an experienced Susi Air First Officer on Recurrency, or an Initial who is also in training. Flight Training and Checkride The Upgrade Flight Training will consist of 2 lessons and a checkride.
  1. General handling and circuits
  2. Emergency and abnormal procedures
  3. Advanced handling and checkride (PPC conducted by Susi Air examiner)