Upgrade Selection

Captain Upgrade Requirement

Based on DGCA minimum requirement set, candidates shall have 1000 total hours (not include simulator) and preferably have 300 hours company.

The upgrade selection:

  • Two evaluations flight in base.
  • Get Positive feedback from BM, CRD and HR.
  • Assessment in Pangandaran before Starting Upgrade.
  • Final Interview


Two Evaluation flight in base

Two evaluation flights are required from two different route instructors, not repeating the same routes. Each evaluation flight must consist of at least four sectors. Both of the evaluation flight should be graded to a level satisfactory.

The candidates can request this 2 evaluations when has 200 hours in company and 900 hours Total Time. Candidates can start 2 evaluations after Training admin verify the hours and notify to BM.

Positive Feedback From BM, CRD and HR.

Once the candidates passed two evaluations flight, S/he should get positive feedback from BM, CRD and HR before invited to Pangandaran for Upgrade Course.

Assessment in Pangandaran before starting upgrade

After successfully completing the evaluation flights, and with positive feedback from BM, CRD and HR, the candidate will be invited to Pangandaran for the Upgrade.

When arriving in Pangandaran the candidate first has to pass all the written tests (SOP/COM/NTC, Limitations, System Memory Items, Bahasa for Captain) and Upgrade Interview.

Final Interview

The candidate will be interviewed by at least two company representatives.

Place and time will be adjusted based on interviewer availability.