Upgrade Selection


The Upgrade Selection is a 3 day course in Pangandaran comprising of the following:

  • Written Exams
  • Simulator Assessment
  • Final Interview


Written Exams

The Written exams are designed to assess the following:

  • Knowledge of company SOPs and regulations
  • Memory items and limitations
  • C208 systems


Simulator Assessment

This is the most challenging part of the Upgrade Assessment. You will operate the C208 Legacy Simulator from the left hand seat on an IFR navigation flight chosen by the instructor. Expect some failures and abnormal situations during the assessment.

You will be assessed on the following:

  • Knowledge of C208 Legacy flows and procedures
  • CRM
  • IFR procedures
  • Situational awareness and decision making
  • Safety

You will be offered a 15 minute practice session prior to the beginning of your assessment. It is recommended that you use this time to practice starting procedures, before first flight flows, setting up the flight plan and flying a VFR circuit.

It is vital that you are confident with Legacy flows prior to the practice session. If this is not the case, you will quickly find yourself behind the aircraft. It is also important to manage your workload. Don’t worry so much about making small mistakes on this assessment, perfection will come with experience. The important thing as a new Captain is that you keep looking at the bigger picture.


Final Interview

The Final Interview will be conducted by senior Susi Air personnel. The interview will be a combination of personal and technical questions, together with some decision making scenarios.