Initial Selection

The Initial Selection is a 3 day course in Pangandaran comprising of the following:

  • Compass Exam
  • Psychometric Exam
  • Technical Exam
  • Simulator Assessment
  • Interview

Compass Exam (Cut-e assessment result validation)

The Compass Exam is designed to assess the following:

  • Hand eye coordination
  • Spacial awareness
  • Memory
  • Workload management
  • Maths

Psychometric Exam

The Psychometric Exam is designed to measure personality traits. There is not necessarily any wrong or right answers, and it is vital that you are honest when answering the questions.

Technical Exam

The Technical Exam is designed to assess your knowledge of the following:

  • CPL theory
  • IFR
  • C208 systems

Simulator Assessment

The Simulator Assessment is conducted in our Ascent Simulator. This simulator is based on the Cessna 172 G1000. Only a basic knowledge of the G1000 Primary Flight Display is required for this assessment; you will not be required to set up flight plans etc.

The assessment comprises of the following:

  • Familiarization training from Instructor (10 mins)
  • Practice flight (10 mins)
  • IFR assessment (approx 30 mins)


The final interview will be conducted with a panel of senior Susi Air personnel. Expect personal and technical questions, together with some decision making scenarios.