C208 Legacy Simulator

C208B Legacy Simulator
Simulator Interior

The C208 Legacy Simulator is the only one of it’s kind in the world. It was custom designed and manufactured for Susi Air pilots at a cost of approximately $3 million. It is a highly sophisticated training utility, comparable with that of large airliner simulators.

The Legacy Simulator is particularly useful for practicing emergency procedures which couldn’t have otherwise be practiced in the actual aircraft. This highly unique simulator helps ensure that Susi Air pilots continue to be the best Caravan pilots in the world.

C208 Cockpit Procedural Trainer

Cockpit Poster
Wooden Box Simulator

The C208 Cockpit Procedural Trainer, or CPT, allows pilots to practice “flows” and checklists in their own time, before they begin their simulator training. The CPT has an interchangeable panel which can alternate between Legacy and G1000 instruments.

C172 "Ascent" Simulator

G1000 cockpit
Ascent Simulator

The Ascent Simulator is a basic trainer for the G1000. It is used for both Initial Selection and Initial Training.