About Pangandaran

Pangandaran is within the province of West Java, Indonesia. It is located on the southern coast of the island of Java. Pangandaran is a popular tourist destination for Indonesians and expats alike.

Getting about

The Susi Air complex is walking distance from most places of interest, including the beach. If you haven’t got time to walk, you can instead take a becak (cycle taxi). A becak (prunounced bay-chuk), will cost you Rp 10,000 for most short trips, or Rp 15,000 when sharing.

Where to eat

Meals are provided in the Susi Air complex. If you would like to eat out instead, there are plenty of choices. The most popular restaurants in Pangandaran are “Relax” and “The Captain” aka “Menara Laut” hotel. Both of these restaurants serve western food and are approx 2 km away from the Susi Air complex. If you don’t mind trekking further afield, “SIP” Hotel serves a wide variety of foods from across the world. SIP hotel will take approx 20 minutes by becak and cost Rp 20,000 one way. Most becak drivers will know where these places are.

There are also plenty of bars along the beach which serve good quality food at reasonable prices. You don’t even need to travel that far for a meal. Opposite the main entrance of the Susi Air complex is a bus station, facilitating many market venders selling street food.


There are plenty of small shops in Pangandaran where you can buy basic toiletries, snacks and sim cards. There are no supermarkets however. The closest shops are just 1 minute walk to the left as you leave the main entrance of the Susi Air complex. There are many ATMs nearby to the left and to the right of Susi Air complex, however the only ATM nearby the beach is opposite Relax cafe.

Places of interest

There are many tourist attractions close to Pangandaran. Nearby, towards the south-east of Pangandaran is a peninsula hosting a nature reserve, home to a large tribe of monkeys, deers and a small rainforest. To the west of the peninsula is White Sand beach, which may be accessed either by foot via the nature reserve, or by boat taxi. This is also a safe place to swim and snorkel.

Swimming along the inner bay of Pangandaran on the other hand is not recommended. There are strong rip tides, and the waves tend to break early, making it a poor location for surfing. For good surfing, it is best to go to Batu Karas, approx 90 minutes drive to the west, close to Nusawiru airport.

Other places of interest to the west include Green Valley and Green Canyon. These places are great for swimming. There are many tour guides in Pangandaran who can arrange transport to these places.